Stay On TRACC! Customize Your On TRACC Email

What is the On TRACC email?

The ‘TRACC’ in On TRACC stands for “Tufts Recent Activity in Career Communities.” On TRACC is a weekly email customized to your career interests. You’ll stay up to date with opportunities, events, and industry trends. You’ll receive it every Thursday, and you’ll be able to quickly scan through the individualized info to find what you need.

What kinds of information will I receive?

On TRACC features blog posts, career events, resources, and job/internship listings that can be tailored to match your career interests.  We strongly recommend taking 1-2 minutes to update your preferences to ensure you are getting the most relevant, helpful content. 

How is this different from the Career Center eNews I receive every Monday?

Career eNews contains your weekly announcements from the Tufts Career Center.

On TRACC is your customizable industry-specific email.

How to I customize my On TRACC email?

Current Tufts Students and Tufts Faculty/Staff: Log into the Career Center website using your Tufts utln and password. You’ll be able to customize the content of your On TRACC email by setting preferences for blog posts, job/internship listings, events, affinities/identities, and career communities. Staff and faculty, if you’d like to view On TRACC as a student user would see it, simply edit your profile to correspond to a current student’s class year.

Tufts Alumni and other Guests: Sign Up Here

Why should I customize my On TRACC email?

The email includes opportunities and resources that are relevant for the upcoming week. If you do not customize it, you will receive limited content as the email is intended to send you targeted updates based on your interests. There is no limit to how many content types or communities you can choose, and you can change your preferences at any time.

By Susannah Krenn
Susannah Krenn Assistant Director, Communications & Marketing / Career Advisor