Sophomore Internship Opportunities in Finance/Consulting

Sophomore Internship Opportunities (& Sophomores getting ready for Junior Internships!)

Sophomores interested in a career in Finance or Consulting have a busy Sophomore year in store for them.  Not only should you be applying (& hopefully interviewing soon) for internships for the Summer 2024, you should ALSO have an eye on internships for Summer 2025.

Summer 2024:

Many (but not all!) companies use their sophomore internship experience as a Diversity Talent Pipeline.  Thus, the focus on many of these positions are for individuals that have been historically underrepresented in these fields, including those who identify as female, LGTBQ, Black, Hispanic or other underrepresented demographics.  Below is a sample of opportunities that we have found.  However, a google or Handshake search with the keywords “Sophomore Internship” will produce a list for you as well!

Summer 2025:

In addition to the above timeline, Spring of ’24 will bring the opportunity to apply & interview for internships for the summer between your Junior & Senior year.  Unlike the Sophomore internships that focus on diversity, the Junior internships are typically recruited for across all demographics.

The timeline shifts each year, but typically the Investment Banks (all positions, not just Investment Banking) post summer internships (for the following summer) in the winter/early spring semester.  MBB Consulting firms (McKinsey, Bain, BCG) post their summer internships (for the following summer) beginning in April/May.  Yes, it is possible to be interviewing for positions for Summer ’24 & Summer ’25 at the same time.

So what does all this mean?  It means now is the time to get your resume cleaned up, get your cover letter template finalized & start APPLYING for new postings weekly.  And, of course, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor in the Career Center to help you with all of it.  We are here and happy to help!

Analysis Group Sophomore 1 week Externship 8/12-8/16/24 3/17/24 DEI Focus. Open to Sophomores Only.
Lincoln International Sophomore Investment Banking Job Shadow 1/5/24 12/8/23 Open to Sophomores Only
BNP Paribas Sophomore Opportunity Summit 3/26-3/27/24 12/1/23 DEI focused. Open to Sophomores only
Davidson Group Investment Banking Sophomore Internship Summer 2024 12/15/23 Open to Sophomores Only
Cambridge Associates Managing Private Investments (ESG) Externship 5/20-5/24/24 2/16/24 Open to Sophomores & Juniors
Deutsche Bank Corporate Finance Internship Summer 2024 2/9/24 Diversity Focused. Open to Sophomores
Bank of America Campus to Careers Women’s Forum 2/21/-2/23/24 11/30/23 Open to Sophomore Women.
BNP Paribas Black & Hispanic Sophomore Opportunity Summit 3/26-3/27/24 12/1/23 DEI focused. Open to Sophomores only
NBC Universal TV Analytics & Research Summer 2024 12/9/23 Open to Sophomores & Juniors
Federal Reserve Bank of NY Sophomore Career Exploration Summer 2024 3/23/24 Open to Sophomores & Juniors


By Karen Dankers
Karen Dankers Associate Director, Director of Tufts Finance Initiative