What are Third Party Recruitment Agencies?

Third party recruitment agencies (ex. Robert Half, Beacon Hill Associates) are organizations that contract with employer clients to assist them with outreach and recruitment for a specified role(s).   These agencies also work directly with candidates looking for jobs, including graduating seniors, to help them find positions that match their interests and skills.

What is the process for a graduating senior to utilize third party recruiters?

Seniors can work with third party recruiters/agencies for FREE to discuss career goals and industries to explore. They also offer resume reviews and help in exploring full-time, part-time, and short-term contract roles.

They are a great way for students to gain access to employers because the third-party agency advocates for you and your skills, places your resume in front of employers they are working with, and assists with arranging interviews and providing post-interview feedback to candidates.

Working with third-party agencies can also be a great support and motivator to you while you simultaneously conduct your own self-directed job search.  They help you to hone your interview skills and gain valuable feedback throughout the process as you explore job opportunities that best align with your values and career goals.

How do I find a reputable agency?

This is an important question as not all third-party agencies are created the same.  Some only work with certain industries and have a better knowledge base of the skills in demand in that industry sector.   Some agencies are in a defined region of the country, whereas others have locations nation-wide.   It is important to work with agencies that are best suited for working with employers and jobs that match your overall career goals.  Agencies should also never charge any fees for candidates to utilize their services.

Tufts has a curated list of third-party agencies on our Alumni Career Services page for your reference: Resources & Advising | Tufts Alumni

You can also view this video of a panel hosted on the topic of third-party agencies by the Tufts Career Center here: Navigating the Job Search with 3rd Party Recruiters – Career Center | Tufts University

If you have other questions, you can reach out to a Tufts Career Center advisor and set-up an appointment through Handshake.

By Sue Atkins
Sue Atkins Associate Director, Employer Relations