Resource Spotlight: Destination Outcomes

Each year we survey our Seniors and expend a lot of energy to find out where people “land” when they leave Tufts.  We publish what we know in our Destination Outcomes.  This information, while not 100% complete (please see caveats below), can be very useful in your job or grad school search.

Using Destination Data

Before deciding on a major: Look at the types of roles and companies that students started their careers in, based on major.  Look at how many people went directly to graduate school by major. Do the titles sound interesting? Does it start to appear that grad school is more common for one major than another?  It may not be true, but it would give you a good line of questioning for your career conversations. Can you see that everyone with the same major does not leave Tufts doing the same kind of work?  Is it clear that you can major in many different things and still end up in the same company with a similar job? (We say all the time that your major doesn’t define you!)

When looking for jobs and internships: Look at the destination data for clues to types of roles, types of companies and which companies seem to hire many Tufts grads.  Are there titles you haven’t seen before or haven’t considered? Companies you don’t know? Can you find people in The Herd (our flash-mentoring database) or the Tufts University Career Network on Linkedin with those jobs or at a company you are now interested in?

Interested in Grad School? Where have Tufts grads gone straight out of college? Which programs?

The Destination Data is a wealth of information, but it is just one tool.


  • It’s important to note that this information represents only the first destination for graduating seniors and does not necessarily reflect their current occupation or activity
  • First destinations of new grads are one factor to consider. Many other variables contribute to a first destination and those factors don’t always get measured by a survey. There are personal stories behind each destination.

To learn more about different career fields and options that interest you, come to Career Labs, make an appointment with an advisor, browse through Handshake, and use The Herd to talk to alumni.

By Robin Kahan
Robin Kahan Associate Director, Engineering Career Services