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Illustration by Marian Blair

Here at Idealist, we use our exclusive intel on the social-impact sector to create the most useful career content around, offering you what you need to find, land, love, and grow in your dream job. And in the spirit of always working to create and deliver the best resources and tools in the sector, I’m so excited to invite you to be among the first to sign up for our new course, Designing Your Dream Career.

In this paced, four-part email course, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify the skills you need to take that next big step in your career
  • Determine what types of activities and commitments will help you strengthen those skills
  • Track your progress in a meaningful way
  • Find the right place in your resume, cover letter, or professional portfolio to include everything you learn along the way, both about yourself and the sector

While there is absolutely no fee to enroll, we do ask that you sign up as an Idealist user in order to access the course materials. I hope you’ll join us on this brief journey of personal and professional reflection, and I can’t wait to support you along the way!

For more information and to enroll, visit our Designing Your Dream Career page.

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