Consulting: Early Application Deadlines for McKinsey, Bain & BCG

Are you interested in Consulting?  Three of the largest management consulting firms – McKinsey, Bain, and BCG (often called MBB as a group) – have June/July 2023 deadlines for internships and full-time positions with 2024 start dates.  Yes, this is a full year in advance!  The employers have let us know that students should apply to those early deadlines, rather than wait until the later deadlines in September.  Basically, sophomores and juniors should start now (May/June 2023) if they want to be considered by these firms.  Students can book a career advising appointment through Handshake with consulting and finance community Career Advisors, Karen Dankers or Kathy Spillane, to go over application materials, discuss networking, and prepare for case interviews (see below).

That said, there will be many other consulting firms with later deadlines and we will share those as employers finalize their plans, but the early preparation and networking with alumni over the summer will be worthwhile for other firms as well.  Please see below for MBB deadlines, as well as resources on consulting application preparation, case interviews, and employer workshops.

Early Deadlines for 2024 Internships and Full-time Start Dates:

McKinsey & Company

  • Full-time: July 15th
  • Intern: August 30th

Bain & Company

  • Full-time: June 25th (recommended) & September 10th
  • Intern: June 25th (recommended) & September 10th

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

  • Full-time: June 28th
  • Intern: June 28th (recommended) & September 13th
  • [Students with expiring intern offers: April 3rd]

Application Materials: In our Finance and Consulting Career Community, we have sample finance and consulting resumes to use as a guide.  We also have sample cover letters.  Please make an appointment to review your application materials.

Case Interview Preparation: Case interviews are very commonly used in the interview process for consulting firms. In the case interview, you will typically be given a business problem and then asked to solve it in a structured way. Learning this structure takes preparation and practice. You can learn more and practice using the resources listed here and below:

In addition, Tufts student have FREE access to Management Consulted which provides 500 sample cases, a Case Interview Bootcamp, math drills, market sizing drills and more.  Use your Tufts email address to register.  You can also schedule a mock case interview with Karen Dankers or Kathy Spillane

Employer Events:

Bain Tufts Events: Multiple events including the following – “Day in the Life of an AC” panel, Case Prep at Bain, Bain DEI Webinar series, and more!

McKinsey: Register in Handshake for “Consulting Demystified” hosted by the McKinsey Black Network, “Consulting Demystified” hosted by the McKinsey Hispanic and Latino Network, and more!

BCG Launch: Virtual ongoing events beginning in June.  Whether this is your first time getting to know BCG, or you are well on your journey, kickstart your career and register for BCG Launch in Handshake.

By Karen Dankers
Karen Dankers Associate Director, Director of Tufts Finance Initiative