Handshake Employer Approval Guidelines

Employers seeking to engage with Tufts University students and alumni by posting jobs, promoting events, and offering on-campus or virtual interviews must be an approved employer through our Handshake portal.  We have outlined the guidelines below for employers to be approved.  If you should have any questions about the details below please reach out to Willa Mayo, Recruiting Coordinator at Willa.Mayo@tufts.edu.

Employer Approval Guidelines:

Tufts University requires employers to meet the following requirements and provide the following details to be an approved employer in our system:

  • All employers must have an official business that is set-up and has a Tax ID Number
  • All employers must provide a complete profile with location, industry, size, full business address, business phone, social media sites, and include at least one staff member with a business email address.
  • All employers must have a fully operating website (in English language) where the information matches what is listed on the Handshake request. Social Media sites do not replace websites.
  • All companies must have a fully complete address that is where the business is located (not a residential address or P.O. Box)
  • All companies must have a full operational business phone number that is not connected to a person’s personal phone number
  • All companies must have an email address that is registered to a business domain; not a personal email (@Gmail, etc.)

Employers will be reviewed and potentially declined for the following reasons:

  • Employer Relations team will review employers with a Trust Score below 40% within Handshake
  • Employers that do not provide all the information required above
  • Employers that do not comply with our employer policies will be declined

Once an employer has been approved in Handshake, job/internship opportunities may be posted for review. Employers should consider these additional guidelines when posting a job, internship, or co-op posting for students and alumni to access.