Jumbos4Jumbos – Alumni FAQs

Who is eligible to participate in the project opportunities?

Any currently enrolled undergraduate student in the School of Arts & Sciences, School of Engineering, or the School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. Graduate students and alumni are not eligible to participate in the Jumbos4Jumbos Program. Students on official leave of absence from Tufts University are unable to participate in this program. International students engaged in off-campus training experiences may be required to obtain curricular practical training authorization from the International Center. For more information, go to https://icenter.tufts.edu/f1/f1-cpt or contact an international student advisor directly at internationalcenter@tufts.edu.

What is a recommended stipend amount for a project?

We recommend $15 per hour minimally for your project and to calculate the full stipend amount using that rate of pay. You will want to list the full amount in your description.

Are students eligible to receive academic credit for these experiences?

Unfortunately, due to the short duration of these projects, Tufts University is unable to offer credit for the Jumbos4Jumbos Program. We very much value the gained experience and so encourage project managers to offer references where appropriate and encourage students to add these project-based experiences to their resumes when successfully completed.

How many projects can one student participate in at a time?

We recommend students only accept one project at a time vs. doing multiple projects simultaneously to successfully complete the requirements of your defined project parameters. Please contact the Career Center if you have a student that has not been responsive to you and we will make sure to follow-up as needed.

How will I be notified of submitted student applications?

The Herd will send the project manager automated updates when applicants apply for their opening. Each project manager is charged with reviewing candidates, setting up interviews, hiring, and closing the project once filled.

How do I let students know that the project has been filled and close my position?

We ask that each project manager inform their pool of applicants that the project has been filled via email (as you will have student resumes) or through The Herd. Please also inactivate the position once it is filled as you will continue to receive candidates until the role is officially closed.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

The Career Center will be your main point of contact regarding any questions regarding your project. Please contact Willa Mayo, Recruiting Coordinator with any questions at Willa.Mayo@tufts.edu.