Sustainability & Wildlife Conservation

Sustainability & Wildlife Conservation

Are you interested in a career in sustainability?  Or do you want to investigate and improve ways to conserve and protect wildlife in their natural habits?  This subgroup has resources for individuals who want to learn about internships and job that promote efficient usage of resources while protecting the environment.  Careers in sustainability can be divided into a variety of approaches on the local, national and global levels and might be considered broad, but tend to be united in a common goal: “to pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.” People working towards sustainability efforts are often working to address a variety of interdisciplinary issues such as transportation and pollution, energy conservation and use, waste reduction and recycling and green building design.

Wildlife conservation and related careers, such as forestry and ecology, can also be explored in this subgroup.   Individuals who work in these careers might be interested in reforestation, forest health monitoring (e.g., forest thinning, tree planting, restoration, insect and disease management), wildlife management, environmental conservation, and civil engineering as it relates to laying out and logging roads and lakes and planning recreational facilities or wilderness areas.

We encourage you to check out these recommended resources for career exploration, internship and job searches.

  • EPA Student — A student center sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It offers career, scholarship, and internship information, as well as links to other helpful resources.
  • Texas A&M Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences Job Board — A wealth of postings, including internships, full-time jobs, temporary/seasonal positions, post-doc appointments, fellowships, scholarships, and more.
  • Society for Conservation Biology Careers — Conservation biology jobs searchable by discipline
  • Conservation Job Board — Conservation job postings covering the U.S. and locations abroad
  • — Job listings in environmental law, policy, renewable energy, conservation, natural resources, environmental engineering, and more.
  • The Nature Conservancy — A global environmental nonprofit with plenty of informative blog posts, reports, data & tools concerning climate change, land/water protection, sustainable food policy, and building healthy cities.
  • Student Conservation Association — The Student Conservation Association posts internships and volunteer positions which are helpful for students interested in careers in national parks, forests, or land management. Graduates can check out SCA’s staff positions. Click “About Us,” then “Work for the SCA” to see current openings.
  • The Wildlife Society — Job postings in wildlife science, management, and conservation.
  • The Wilderness Society — The Wilderness Society combines science, advocacy and education in its initiatives to protect the wilderness. Posts internships, scholarships, and staff positions.

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